Nikon DX Primes in 10-18 mm range

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Re: Nikon DX Primes in 10-18 mm range

Kitschi wrote:

why, there are 3 lenses in this range from Samyang

10 f2.8

14 f2.8

16 f2

My 16mm is my sharpest lens (sharper than my Tamron 60mm F/2), and is a phenomenal lens.  It's a huge step up from the Tokina 11-16mm at 16mm, a lens I owned for four years. It's also the only lens I've used at F/2 that looks as good as most primes do at F/4 in the middle region.

The 10mm looks like another gem.  My first copy had a decentered lens, but even then, across the frame other than the bad side, it was very sharp even wide open (again, better than my 11-16mm was at 11mm).  My replacement copy arrives on Monday, hopefully it'll be just as good, except not decentered.

I'm actually a bit surprised nobody talks much about these lenses.  I guess most people who would want primes in this range have given up waiting and moved to FX?

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