Why all the Df hate?

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Re: Why all the Df hate?

The DF is definetely not perfect and I think every single DF owner would say the same.

I am not trying to start an argument, but I do have a difficult time understand why you get so upset with anyone who mentions the words 'I like my DF'. So what! It's not a crime or even some kind of provocatiive gesture to go online and say that you like a new camera. That doesn't mean that this person thinks it's perfect. That person isn't telling anyone else that his camera is better than yours. The DF is a great camera for anyone who can appreciate it's uniqueness. Many people cannot, don't need to, and that's fine. They like other products. I also think that some of my other cameras are great as well. That doesn't make me a fanboy for any of these cameras.

What gets me upset, are people who claim to know everything (pseudo experts) about this camera, haven't even used it or even held it for more than five minutes, and then turn around and say 'Nikon missed it'. 'It's a failure', 'The ergonomics are wrong'. I ask this question: Nikon missed it for who? Failed for who? The ergonomics are wrong for who? For them but not for me or other DF buyers. To each his own.

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