Why all the Df hate?

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Re: Haters gonna hate

ravduc wrote:

I think it's more complicated than that. I like cars, can't afford a Ferrari, but don't dislike or hate buyers or crticize Ferrari's because I can't afford one.

...but you don't seem to understand. Nobody hates the Df owners and definitely not because they can afford to buy one. What makes you think that camera is so special that only the chosen ones can buy it? Many people have them, some can afford them, some can not, so they need to take a loan. Also, many people in fact can afford but chose NOT to buy it. That is the thing, you know, just because you have the money for it, you not really HAVE to buy it.

...and the only Ferrari owners I hate are not those who buy, drive and enjoy it, but those who deliberately buy one and then smash it up just to show that they can afford to do that. Not because it is a Ferrari, in my eyes it is just a car and is actually their money, so I don't care about what they spend money one, but because of their arrogance. If they had more brains they could instead give the money away to some organization. There are plenty charity organizations which could use the money.

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