Why all the Df hate?

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Why do you talk about 'fanboys'. Most DF owners own other cameras as well. Every single camera that I own including the DF, have qualities and faults. What Df owner object to, are comments about a camera that many really don't know much about. If I dropped into a thread on the D610 and had never used it, and criticized the camera, you would be the first to object.

The fanboys were talking about see no wrong on the Df, and woe behold anyone, including Df owners, to have negative comments. I have a Df with over 6,000 clicks on it, along with four other Nikon DSLRs, and yet our number one rabid fan of the Df claims I don't know how to use a camera.

Why don't you ignore his comments then? He's hardly representative of every Df owner on the forum.

I didn't bother responding to his latest tirade against me. Not worth getting my blood pressure up.

Good for you. I think there would be fewer threads like this if we all followed your eminently sensible approach.

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