Thom likes the V3 now....

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Kevin Omura
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Re: it makes sense

Bill Dewey wrote:

Kevin Omura wrote:

And that is the problem isn't it, not really that it's a bad camera just that the initial MSRP is the sticking point. It also doesn't help their cause when both of the previous V cameras were blown out a year later for less than half their original selling price.

So perhaps it's just worth waiting to see what happens to the price in a years time....

Then, of course, you have the other problem, the "new features in the V4" to contend. A never ending cycle I fear.

Certainly can be the bug-a-boo of some folks who get engrossed with specs or wanting the latest or greatest. I guess after spending a lot of time watching the market and being fairly content with what I have I don't really ever feel the need or urge to go dashing out and buy the latest piece of kit the minute it hits the store shelves. I have to wonder how many folks out there salivating over new releases are actually using their present gear to it's fullest advantage? I confess that I probably don't, granted I confess to usually not reading or at best skim the manual unless I hit a real snag....

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