Sold my V3 (but there's more to it)

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Re: We're all buying our V2s from Canada.....

dougjgreen1 wrote:

Scottelly wrote:

Let me clarify what I am saying here. The V2 and the new 10-30mm lens and the FT1 adapter is essentially the same price as the V3, which comes with those two "accessories." Here is how the numbers work:

V2 = $746.95

10-30mm lens = $296.95

FT1 adapter = $236.95

Nikon V2 kit is $1,280.95 ($746.95 + $296.95 + $236.95 = $1,280.95)


The V3 kit is actually cheaper at $1,196.95


So do you REALLY think the V3 is so expensive?!?

....Where they cost less than $450 USD for the kits with the older 10-30mm. I agree that here in the U.S. the V2 is no better a deal than the V3.

And keep in mind that just about nobody would buy the new 10-30mm lens on it's own for close to $300.

And also - as another thing I mentioned on how Nikon treats its customers and friction in the sale- why force everyone that says has a V1 or V2 to buy a new kit lens if they already have one!  It really doesn't make sense to me.

That V2 deal in Canada is a great deal.

BTW, I also got my FT1 as part of a V1 kit, which once I sold the rest of the kit, the FT1 ended up costing me about $40 (and about 1-2 hours of my time).

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