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More just that "it is a lot of cash"

Scottelly wrote:

I think I understand what you meant by, "At the moment I sold I was simply undecided and I felt like since it is a full system switch, it's $2800 USD the way I want it, and it starts looking like Leica or Sony FF money at that point." I read it as you judging the V3 as not being as good or worth the money, when you can buy a Leica for similar money. I see you mentioned a Sony FF camera too, which you seem to think would be a preferable choice to the V3 for similar money. I would tend to agree with you about both of these.

Not exactly what I wanted to convey- just the fact that it is a lot of money. I wouldn't buy the Leica or the Sony because, while I think the Sony being FF is being a good value in its class, I would not choose it because I do not want to carry around a bigger camera (the Sony body isn't that big but the lenses will be), and the Sony has a very *very* loud shutter.

Merely doing a cash size amount qualifier. My main indecision at the moment was how I see Nikon treat the system and customers and combined with the cash amount basically makes me want to see more support/confidence here.

The Nikon V3 is really not so expensive as many people are saying though. It is about the same price as the V2, believe it or not, and that is amazing, for a next generation camera that is in its launch phase. Why do I say this? Because it costs $1200, but it comes with over $500 worth of extras - a $300 lens and a $240 adapter.

Yes, they force you to buy their adapter and lens to go with it . . . right now. It still is listed at B&H as "New item, Available for pre-order." When they start selling just the camera body it will probably be about $100 more than the V2 . . . but we will see.

The camera has already started to sell. It is $1,200 MSRP (with all the extras included) for the USA. Ford's "you can have a car any color you like as long as it's black" applies here with Nikon USA

They may unbundle this down the line but right now this is how it goes. They are throwing in most authorized dealers a free FT1 adapter for this month.

I guess it depends on how their sales go. It might be $150 more or even $250 more. It DOES have wi-fi and that fold-out screen afterall. Those things alone make it worth at least $100. Then there is the higher resolution sensor and faster shooting capability. That has got to be at least $50 worth of upgrade. That makes it worth at least $150 more than the V2. If you calculate the camera at $150 plus the price of the V2 it would be about $900 ($150 + $746.95). That means you get the lens and adapter for about $300. That's a bargain, considering that's almost 50% off their retail price.

I really think the camera with all the extras should go fro $800-$900 MSRP. There are other cameras with many other advantages that are still pretty small, high performances, articulated LCDs, etc. The big unique proposition of the V3 vs them is the super fast AF, along with continuous shooting/tracking. And that's good but I don't think it's enough to pull to that price up.

Also I wish Nikon USA instead of doing the FT1 bundle allowed a "flex bundle" where someone say like me who has no interest in using DSLR lenses on it, could pick a rebate or free lens with the camera (I would totally pick stay the 18.5mm prime to go with it).

The FT1 bundle reads to me as "we want you to keep buying Nikon stuff" (dx lenses) "down the line." For someone like me- who has no Nikon equipment and who is mainly interested for a high performance compact, fast, quiet camera, this is a "friction" in the sale. If they want to expand they need to make it as easy, as attractive as possible to someone that currently does not own a 1 body.

And remember that we are talking about a camera that comes with a removable viewfinder, an advantage in some people's minds, and a removable grip, which is another advantage in some people's minds. Those two accessories are included with the camera for free (or as part of the whole package of a camera with 4 accessories - a removable viewfinder, a grip, a lens, and an adapter).

Yes, and I still think it's overpriced including those. Count me in as one of the guys that likes a removable EVF actually- in this particular case - I normally don't like removable EVF's but this one looks more tight put with the camera when it's on.

I think Nikon is very smart to include all this stuff in the launch package. This way they can remove some of the items and sell the camera for a little less or a lot less, and it will look like all they did was remove the items from the package. It gives them a lot of flexibility.

I really think Nikon USA is screwing up. I don't care as much for the grip and they are saying "though these are items we sell separately somewhere else, here you have the choice of buying the camera with them at an overall higher price OR buying the camera with them at an overall higher price."

On first gland I think what's behind it is because they want to sell the V3 as a "beefed up" version to look "more DSLR like" in hopes it will "sell more" due to the perceptions of more compact cameras in the USA vs DSLR's (my guess).

Imagine if they D7200 comes out with a new 16-70mm f2.8-4 VR lens for the same price as the D7100 with the 16-85mm f3.5-5.6 VR? It would be unbelievable! Now imagine that the D7200 not only shoots faster and has an upgraded focusing system, but has a fold-out screen, wi-fi, an upgraded viewfinder, and a higher resolution sensor too! NOW how amazing would it be?

The problem is what the market is offering, and in many areas vs what's out there the V3 looks challenged. It can do the AF faster but there are other cameras that do very fast AF at this point that kind of cancel to a big degree for many this advantage.

Sports in daylight and wildlife seem to still be domains with clear V3 advantages though.

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