A77ii; Well I'm disappointed

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Re: A77ii; Well I'm disappointed

Hard to judge all things about this update without some behind the scenes information. This camera looks like I expected the Fall of 2013 update to look like, new hot shoe, more buffer, new processor, similar body style. Why is it 6-months late, could be lots of reasons:

Sony imaging division going through significant restructuring and the management wanting to wait on upgrades of A-mount until the dust settled and they knew they were going to the Alpha system with E and A mount bodies. They probably knew E mount was continuing so slowed R&D and prototype production for those models down less, so the A7, A7r, A3000, A5000, A6000, A7s have made it out the door, but on the A-mount side the A58 and A99 got out before the turmoil and now the new A-mount bodies are starting to reappear, A77II being the third. The Sony roadmap, seen on SAR, showed the new A77II body, the dropping of the A65 and continuation of the A58 and A99, but it ends in August leaving open more fall releases.

The new auto-focus system was a firm requirement for the A77II and it just took longer to develop than anticipated.

The new focus system was going to be the A6000 system, so they delayed waiting for it to finish development and were not able to get it working right with A-mount lenses so switched to the new PDF system, probably developed in parallel instead.

Sony did not have enough R&D to develop both the A-mount and E-mount lines so the majority of money went to E-mount and thus new A-mount bodies will be slow to appear.

etc. etc.

I personally think the A77II upgrade was a good one but I will wait for the future price drops as none of the big new features make much difference to how I shoot. As far as the next major game changing upgrade goes, I have no idea. I think Apple has been very good at not doing what the customer thinks is the next big thing but what they think is the next big thing. Sony did this with the SLT, I started reading this site after the SLT was announced but I really expect there were very few post stating how much they wanted a SLT system, the same probably goes for m4/3. How many said take the 4/3 system and drop the reflex mirror?

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