Why all the Df hate?

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Re: Why all the Df hate?

Bunza wrote:

Sure, no camera is everything to everyone and there is some criticism of every Nikon FX model, but ...

Is it my imagination or does the Df get more than its share of, well, not hate but negative comments compared to the rest of Nikon's FX line?

If so, why?

The reason I personally don't like the Df is that of all the badly designed / conceptualised cameras that have been flocking the market for the last years (from all camera manufacturers), the Df is pretty much the overripe strawberry on top of the rotten cake. It's riddled with mind-boggling WTF ergonomical decisions and completely incoherent design choices.

The problem isn't that nobody enjoys it, all the contrary : some people seem to adore it. But I do think that good design is a way to reduce the quantity of "friction points" that will make people turn away from a product. Had the Df been better designed, all the people who currently enjoy it would still enjoy it, and a lot more would enjoy it too. As it stands I've rarely seen a camera with as many potential deal-breakers for most customers as this one, and most of them needlessly so since correcting them wouldn't turn existing customers away from this camera.

As you said, no camera is everything for everyone. Well, I think that the Df could have been a lot more for a lot more people without those stupid quirks and incoherent choices.

Frankly, whoever designed this PASM dial needs to be stoned to death with the very DF bodies he participated in creating.

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