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Kevin Omura wrote:

dmaclau wrote:

I get that Jon. I bought my first 35mm camera in 1960. I've captured, and lost my share of moments in time. One learns to use their tools in all sorts of conditions. As a would be photographer I spend a good deal of time thinking about situations, happenings, composition. The shots I miss are mostly due to my inadequacies, not the camera's.

Frankly, when Fuji updated the firmware on my X-100 the N1's use plummeted. I like the texture of shots at 1600 and at 3200. When processed the image reminds me of TriX film a great deal. My grand daughter also uses the camera...along with the remote control she makes "Emma-motion" film clips.

It's a good camera. I like it. I just don't think I would pay $600 for faster focus.

And that is the problem isn't it, not really that it's a bad camera just that the initial MSRP is the sticking point. It also doesn't help their cause when both of the previous V cameras were blown out a year later for less than half their original selling price.

So perhaps it's just worth waiting to see what happens to the price in a years time....

Other than in Canada, the V2 never did get blown out - It's still $899 (sometimes ONLY $849) for the kit and $799 for the body.  It's also $699 for the body in Japan.  Which is why the only folks that are buying them in the U.S. are getting them from Canada.

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