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GodSpeaks wrote:

Been there, done that.

I owned a digital medium format camera system, which I sold off last year to buy a Nikon D800E.

Medium format digital (MFD) is very expensive, slow to use, heavy and even more expensive to upgrade.

Back in the days of film I owned Hasselblad, Mamiya, Bronica, Pentax and Fuji medium format cameras. Back then, the cost premium of going MF was not nearly as prohibitive as it is today. That 80MP DB will run you near $35000 (and that's just for the back). Unless you work in a high end agency, do high profile work or have truck loads of excess cash, those kind of expenses are very very hard to justify.

FF DSLRs of 24MP or higher sensors, have one foot firmly planted in MFD territory and are already better in many ways than MF film.

No you don't. Agreed!

This large sensor vs. small sensor debate seems not going away, because many people do not real understand it. No offence, most of us are neither physicist nor engineer. Here I go again, let me make my point clear: When the sensor's resolution outperforms the lens, larger sensor will be a total waste. We are actually at the cross point that the sensor is outperforming the lens now.

Let me make this point in different way. If you have an ideal sensor, that is a sensor has infinite resolution, how big you want put in your camera? The correct answer is you don't care, you worry about your lens.

In old days, the fact that the large formats exist is totally because the films sucks. The film can not provide enough resolution so we must use larger size to compensate.

In the (near) future, when the sensor resolution (and other properties) improve another factor of 2, there is absolutely no need for a larger than M43 sensor!  In fact, even today, we can make a 100MP FF sensor, it just cost too much and electronics can not follow, your frame rate drop to 0.5 fps, and most important which lens can match this sensor?  In my view, today's Medium Frame film camera is tomorrow's FF digital camera.  The manufacture is now rushing to make FF camera because they know it's their last chance to make money on this format, while there is still some advantage of FF.

You do not need a large sensor, you need a good and big lens.

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