Did I over cook the pic

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Re: Did I over cook the pic

I have had really good luck with paint shop pro, and felt no need to go to photoshop.

Masking is rather difficult.  The new PSPX6 tools might be helpful in this regard....lots better than previous ones.   Try the one where you just start mousing over the bird and it tries to autodetect the area.  Once selected, with a bit of feathering, you can copy&paste it wherereever.

Topaz Remask does a really good job with complex masking, if you wind up doing this a lot.

Another approach is to instead select all the WATER and turn it Black.   This makes your masking of the bird itself trivial.  (or just use Invert Selection to get the bird)

I think you did an appropriate amount of postprocess.  I too like the PSP attempt... a bit more color saturation and clarity helps the picture pop.

You can also tweak the Local Tone Mapping to 1.0 power, 50 gridsize and see how you like it.  It will make the bird really pop out, but also will add texture to the water, so you might do it selectively.  Adding Clarity or a Unsharp Mask with maximum size and very weak strength also helps pop out the textures some.

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