Fuji XT1 56 1.2 and the 60 2.4

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Re: Fuji XT1 56 1.2 and the 60 2.4

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Nice pics. I'll buy a fuji and finally move away from samsung nx as soon as they increase the mp count in a future camera.

Why do you need more pixels?

I was chatting to a friend of mine the other day. He had a Nikon D700 then bought a D800 and D800E. He has sold the D800's and is now thinking of buying a D700 again. He preferred the images it produced. Each to their own of course, but so do I.

I have seen some superb quality A3 prints from 4m pixel cameras. I snigger inside when someone suggests 16m isn't enough.

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I jumped from Fuji S5's 6+6MP straight ahead to Nikon D800 36MP and whilst I regret Fuji colors, white balance and other amenities it would be hard to go back also because operational speed is like comparing diesel engine to F1 turbo boost one, this said to say MP don't matter is a good excuse for those who are on the lower end, whilst I loved everything about the S5 it can't compare to modern rigs and whilst 36MP of the D800 are way difficult to handle (whatever people say it's not a camera which easily forgives mistakes, at least not for me being an amateur) on the other hand I did print 12x18 with the S5 but with the D800 I feel very comfy in printing 18x24 even cropped and retaining much more detail, at the same time I still have some good A4 prints from my Canon G2 bridge camera but to state that D800 has to go to leave room to D700 is not pixel related but for some sort of affection to colors or whatever else.

This  said to me 16MP of an x-trans, if it produces same or similar colors of the S-CCD which equips the S5 are way more than enough but I dare anybody to say that if Fuji produces a 20MP sensor with the same quality nobody will buy it solely because more MP are not appealing retaining same quality and noise handling.

At the end, can you get a closer shallow DOF on the XT compared to D-SLR FF cameras?

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