Why all the Df hate?

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Patrick McMahon
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Embrace the discussion

I think this is the best website around for gear.

There is absolutely no question in my mind that in the almost 9 years since joining I have benefited in both assessing gear and developing my skills as a photographer.

I belong to other sites that I have paid money to that do not get nearly the amount of traffic, nor the scathing critiques that have allowed me to progress. And having taken seminars, classes and studied photography on an almost daily basis this is the place I credit most.

General rules of thumb that I follow:

1. Never post a picture unless you want to hear what it lacks or how it could be better. If you want to hear accolades post to one of the other sites or facebook. Trust me, when you get a compliment it will be worth more than you get elsewhere... and even when you get no comments it is a victory

2. Don't start a thread about why camera A is the be all end all unless you can back it up with real world examples... and then be ready to defend your position.

3. Listen, Listen, Listen. Very few "listen" when they read posts. They don't take the time to digest what the person is saying and they immediately escalate because of misinterpretation or giving more weight than due.

Realize that we are made up of vastly different people who have even more opinions on what makes a good camera/ photograph/ etc. I have seen many "hey, just got my camera A" threads with a coolpix like snap shot and said to myself "what the..." While I would consider it petty to take a dump on the thread because we collectively see it for what it is - don't expect the same from all.

Likewise, having been on this site, and perhaps starting a thread or two... don't be surprised when you title a thread "Got my D800 supreme overlord of all things landscape," to get a little blow back.

I see amazing images on this forum. They are inspirational at times and they are taken with a whole host of cameras. You can learn a tremendous amount from both the photographers and more importantly the critics.

Only a few have taken up the challenge... but I say to you - if the Df is such a good camera, prove it.

I do my best to...

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