Why all the Df hate?

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Re: Why all the Df hate?

olyflyer wrote:

Bunza wrote:

Sure, no camera is everything to everyone and there is some criticism of every Nikon FX model, but ...

Is it my imagination or does the Df get more than its share of, well, not hate but negative comments compared to the rest of Nikon's FX line?

If so, why?

There is no Df hate at all, quite the opposite, only fanboyism.

If we survey the thread titles, excluding one well known member of the forum, I would hazard a guess there are many more negative than positive. I've never known whether that members posts are designed to achieve the exact opposite of what they suggest.

I have never seen any camera with so many insecure justification threads about why one bought it and how wonderful it is and how infinitely better it is than any other camera.

As above...

It is simply just another camera for crying out loud. That's all.

Agreed - but it is different to the likes of the D3, D4, D600, D700 and D800 etc

Buy one, enjoy it, use it, but don't imagine it is perfect, because that perfect world is easy to penetrate. There is no perfect camera.

Agree entirely. The D800E is peerless for high DR at lower ISOs. Its colours at high ISO leave more to be desired. That doesn't make it either brilliant or terrible - it's just a tool with its uses (and will naturally be more useful to some people). The same applies to the Df.

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