A77ii; Well I'm disappointed

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Re: A77ii; Well I'm disappointed

1DanC wrote:

Tone Row wrote:

But what were you expecting? The A700 was 12MP, the A77 24MP. Would it have taken 48MP to make the A77 II "generational" in your eyes? The A700 shot at 5 FPS, the A77 up to 12 FPS. Were you expecting 20 FPS? And so on and so on...

APS-C hit the wall of diminishing returns a generation ago which, coincidentally, was the generation the A77 belongs to. Expecting anything more than incremental upgrades in this form factor from any maker going forward is wishful thinking.

Sorry I posted a reply before I saw your post.

What was I expecting? If you compare the A700 to the A77 , the changes were significant. OVF/EVF, Video, SLT, 24 MP in an APSc, 12 fps, efcs, 150k shutter life, GPS, tilt and swivel screen etc etc.

My preference would have been that rather than the great anticipation and pressure for Sony to release a new Camera that it have held back another year and provided a generational release. There is nothing wrong with the A77 that mandated the release of an A77ii.

A better gap filler in my mind would have been another firmware release with some additional fixes, a better JPG engine (not everybody runs RAW), thereby establishing its commitment to its faithful and still delivering a mighty camera.

BTW I don't believe that APS-C has hit a wall. I believe that APS-c will deliver what FF delivers today. FF only exists because that was the size of an old 35 mm negative. FF is APS-c to a 6x4.5, 6x6 or 6x7 format camera. It's all relative, and the tech will get there if it hasn't already. There is lots of research going on out there.


And please don't get the idea that I expected the A77 ii to be a gigapixel camera.

Dan C

Another year wouldn't have made a difference, nor another two years. There is nothing on the horizon for this form factor (APS-C) that is groundbreaking in any shape or form; gaining a stop of low-light capabilities doesn't count. If you peek into the future you do see some glimmers such as curved sensors, but that will constitute a whole new system. Let me give you a little hint about your A77. It was a great camera yesterday, it is today, and will still be great two years from now when Sony comes out with the A77 III. The smart people in the room are already lining up to buy discarded A77s which have already become ridiculously cheap on the second hand market.

This isn't just a Sony thing either. Canon fans have been waiting almost 5 years for the 7D replacement, and the one and only thing that is guaranteed is that there will be countless 7D owners who will be disappointed in whatever replaces it.

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