Bringing camera to work annual event, bad idea?

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Re: Bringing camera to work annual event, bad idea?

I'd offer to shoot it, keeping in mind a couple of things

If there are paid speakers there, they may have some rules/restrictions on how you or the company can use the images, if you can even shoot at all.

Not everyone there may want to be photographed, especially since it's a working meeting.

If you do get photos, please understand that, since you're likely on "company time" they're going to want the copyright to the images-you may be in a work for hire situation.

If the company does use the images for anything, be sure that they understand the concept of a model release.  Since you both work there and are the shooter, if someone's face gets used in an ad and they didn't sign off, it's going to land squarely on you.

Don't go overboard.  As in don't miss out on any lectures/meetings/activities that you're supposed to take part in unless your boss specifically says you need to go photograph something else instead.

Don't interfere with the work they're doing.  You should be darn near invisible.   This means no stopping what they're doing to pose a shot, no stopping them while you change a lens, and no stopping them so you can get a better angle.

After you're finished, have a clear understanding where you can and can not use/share the photos, particularly on social media.

Either way, I'd have the camera in the car.

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