Catch-All Focus on the XT-1?

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Re: Catch-All Focus on the XT-1?

PG Thomas wrote:

junyo wrote:

PG Thomas wrote:

I relay like this Camera and I've retired the X-Pro1


It doesn't have Catch-All in manual focusing mode for Manual Lenses. And I can't understand why.

Its the most useful feature at motor sports events where one picks a spot on the track and lets the camera fire the shutter when the subject comes into focus.

It has Release/Focus priority which links the shutter to the focus point, so why not for manual lenses when the subject comes into focus rather than the other way round?

The Pentax K5 has this from day 1. And is the reason why I won't retire it now when the Water resistant lenses are released.

Also - why is the Vertical Battery Grip not water resistant? What's the sense in that? You are most likely to use it outdoors at sporting events / heavy telephoto lenses. Surely It wouldn't have been difficult to add a few seals to complete the job.

Semi-Pro camera? Nearly but not quite.

Just my take on the XT-1


FYI, it's "catch in-focus" not catch-all.:

Nope, Fuji doesn't have it. If you look at the companies that have implemented it, they have some legacy non-AF glass to support, and it's a neat feature for that niche. I'd assume Fuji didn't add it to their bodies because they have no MF lenses and want to sell AF lenses.

Agreed. But then why go after the Leica lens market with an adapter?

Come on Fuji....


Because the Fuji MILCs are cost effective hosts for Leica glass. Leica users aren't used to AF or any focusing aids beyond the RF mechanism, so it's not a focusing paradigm of particular use to that philosophy.

And the simple matter is, again, Fuji's business model is different than Pentax's. Pentax basically has to support 10s of millions of legacy lenses, because most Pentaxians have an established lens library or can buy one cheap off of eBay. Pentax is trying to make money by creaeting bodies that are a good value, and maybe get the chance to sell you a lens that they make money on. Fuji has a small but growing OEM lens library, and the vast majority of those lenses are made by Fuji, which means that buying a Fuji body will almost certainly mean they are also going to sell you lenses. The only reasons for them to support legacy glass is to lower the upfront switching costs for users of other systems and to backfill their lens collection while they fill it in; it's not to encourage those users to continue using 3rd party lenses.

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