who is going to be buying the Sexy Beast ?

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Re: who is going to be buying the Sexy Beast ?

Lord metroid wrote:

Ceistinne wrote:

Lord metroid wrote:

I do want a camera with greater resolution than my current SIGMA DP2s, however there is no panic whatsoever, I can still make as lovely images with my current camera as the day when I bought it in 2010. The SIGMA DP2s is a battle to use in many situations.

The SIGMA DP2 Merrill as an option for upgrading but I am not pleased with the banding issues, the poor battery performance and the increase in size and weight.

The SIGMA DP2 Quattro have hopefully fixed a lot of these issues but I fear that the camera is too big to be comfortable for tourism photography.

Lord Metroid,

Can you post genuine examples of the banding you refer to.?????


There are a few examples of banding in the thread:


I think you are exaggerating a bit. As I see it there is no more banding in DPXMs than any other cameras and then only in shadow areas at higher ISOs. Nothing to worry about in normal use. Anyway SPP has been been modified to fix any such issues that might occasionally arise just like every other RAW converter.


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