Going to the toilets... what lens should I take ?

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M Lammerse
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Depending on the type of toilet..this is at Nikon


How often do I hear that people are not prepared to do toilet photography (also referred as toilet shooting) and taking the wrong lens to do the job

And as you may not be surprised about it, it depends on several things. The size of the toilet, the lighting (fast lens/flash setup?)

This photo (full size) is fresh from the press (or fresh from the toilet so to say) at Nikon Osaka and it is quite narrow. So  I used the D3S (ISO 12800) and the 14-24mm F/2.8G at F/4
The lens is perfect for it. I was in a hurry, so sorry for boring composition.

Keep in mind this is with lit  down. You can have much more creative toilet shooting with the lit up...depending on the content inside of course.

Good luck with your toiletography.


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