Why all the Df hate?

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Re: Why all the Df hate?

MPA1 wrote:

If they put the D4 sensor in the D800 body, I would sell my D3s and my D3x and buy 2 of them immediately - which is of course why they did not do that, because they'd lose 80% of their D4 sales!

Put the D4S sensor in a D7100/D300/D700/D800 body with a huge buffer and 9 fps (10 with grip) Expeed 4 and the new AF... call it anything they want and I'm in . Give me a Dx with big buffer 7/8 fps-9 with grip with the new AF, better ISO (even if less MP than 24) and I'll buy it. Oh, and keep them at $3000 or less

I'm easy to please , aren't we all ?....... lol

On a serious note, I've been shooting a soccer Tournament with the Df /80-400as and 300 2.8 w/wo tc1.4 for the past week. The grip on the D3S is much better for shooting an entire match handheld. The 2nd camera being the D610/70-200vrII which works fine just not as fast as the gripped D700 but the 24 MP is nice for cropping. Tomorrow I'll shoot the D3S and Df, head to head for IQ, using the 300 2.8 and 70-200vrII.   Shame the matches start late afternoon (5:15 PM) so the D300s/D7100 are not viable options.

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