Built In flash shadows

Started May 5, 2014 | Questions thread
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Re: Built In flash shadows

agentpapp wrote:

First I am not a professional or close to it. I also searched for a bit on the site to see if someone else had this problem but didn't find it.

Is there any advice on how to take photos of interior rooms without the dreaded shadow under the lens always appearing on the floor? I have the Canon T3i with the wide angle 10-22mm lens. I was thinking I might need an external flash? If so which might be the best for interior situations where something like this happens? Or am I just holding it wrong? Should I not have the room lights on when taking photos and also using the flash?

I get this shadow on almost all my interior shots.

yes, a simple $35 Yongnuo external manual flash will work (no shadows)   but look at the features, some flashes can be controlled wireless from the camera

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