Did I over cook the pic

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Re: Did I over cook the pic

tony brown wrote:

No, there's lots left in your image - more if you shot RAW.

I have lifted the shadows amonst others:- (best at 'original size')

Chuck_FL wrote:

Here is one I did in LR with a fair amount of PP

Here is same pic that was done PP in LR and then used PSP V6 to the one step photo fix. (Im a newbie to PSP and using under a trial for now. Lot to learn). It does certainly take the PP LR jpg and seems to do a fair amount of tweaking but with default settings of PSP is this to much?

Thanks Tony.

Yes, I always shoot RAW (14 bit, no compression). Kind of funny when I first move them from Camera to PC using ViewNX2 most pics look like sh.t...

Then I import them into LR and go from there. Make virtual copies and try my best at PP.

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