Why all the Df hate?

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Paul P K
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It's all Canon's fault

In the past Nikon bashing was far more limited because all the couch critics with specs-based arguments were using Canon and were wrecking havoc among each others on 'the other side'

Buts as Canon has assembled quite a disappointing record over the last couple of years( D5II AF, EOS Mark D3, EOS 6D, EOS M, EOS 60D0, unfortunately many of those 'experts' have switched to Nikon, and now flood the Nikon fora with their non-experience, vague rumor based, internet 'hype' informed nonsense

For discussion sake tell them they're right, and just ignore such 'discussions'

If you really want an interesting and truly relevant read on what a genuinely experienced Nikon veteran (Bjorn Roslett) thinks of the DF ( and his almost daily based impressions, opposed to the only too abundant 'I handled the camera for 10 minutes in my local shop and now am an expert' and ' I read it somewhere on the internet' opinions) check this discussion


Of course somewhere among the (well over 1500) there's some 'critical voice' who tries to twist it into another DF controversy, but fortunately it's nipped in the bud quite elegantly by Bjorn before it started (page 4 of the reactions)

So it's just hoping that Canon will bring out a fanboy attracting new gizmo soon, then hopefuly things will become quite again on the Nikon side (apart from the familiar 'my Canon is superior over your Nikon')...

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all in a day's work

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