Bringing camera to work annual event, bad idea?

Started May 5, 2014 | Discussions thread
SkiHound Senior Member • Posts: 2,916
Re: Bringing camera to work annual event, bad idea?

I'd certainly discuss this with your boss before just bringing a camera. Perhaps the company would like to document the event and welcome the presence of a camera. But many attendees may not wish to have their pictures taken. And, though I don't know the legal technicalities, I'm assuming this is a private event that's not open to the public. It's not like you're walking around on a public street. In the US at least, people  are fair game in public places but I'd say whoever is staging a private event can determine if photography is allowed or not. And there are lots of gradations. I went to a large private party a few days ago. There were parents taking pictures of their kids using compact cameras and cell phones. Nobody thought a thing of that. But if someone had been walking around doing documentary photography...

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