Why all the Df hate?

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Re: Why all the Df hate?

Completely agree with all of the below. The Df represents a new direction for Nikon, so it was bound to p some people off. Having said that, as Nikon has amongst the widest range of compatible lenses, it was always going to be a compromise. A digital FM3A that largely drove cosina lens sales was never on the cards.

It's funny - if you stuck a Fujifilm logo on the front people would think this was the best camera ever. Because it's a Nikon people throw rocks.

My own experience is extremely positive. The rendition of the sensor is staggeringly good, particularly the colours and the half tones. The skintones are better than just about any other camera with a 35mm sensor. Its light, durable and well made. I love the controls, even the locks! I wish there was an option for interchangeable focus screens, but that's about it.

tommiejeep wrote:

Have you used a Df? I gave my wife the D610 ( I can, and do, still use it ) . IMHO the Df IQ wipes the D610. There are some things about the Df that do not thrill me but IQ is fantastic. I've shot everything with both ; BIF, Soccer, landscape, , buildings, etc. At times the 24 MP vs 16 is nice otherwise the Df just gives me great files.

I've had zero problems with the Df. Haven't even had the Battery Door come off and none of my lenses have needed fine tuning and that is a great joy . For me the AF is better than the D610.

In answer to the OP... there has been a lot of Nikon 'hate' going around for some time...Df is just the latest and I think a big problem is that the Df did not fulfil the hopes and expectations of many.

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