who is going to be buying the Sexy Beast ?

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Re: who is going to be buying the Sexy Beast ?

I do want a camera with greater resolution than my current SIGMA DP2s, however there is no panic whatsoever, I can still make as lovely images with my current camera as the day when I bought it in 2010. The SIGMA DP2s is a battle to use in many situations.

The SIGMA DP2 Merrill as an option for upgrading but I am not pleased with the banding issues, the poor battery performance and the increase in size and weight.

The SIGMA DP2 Quattro have hopefully fixed a lot of these issues but I fear that the camera is too big to be comfortable for tourism photography.

In the end, I may hold on to the SIGMA DP2s for a few more years or until it breaks.

Comparison on Camera Size

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