Odd G1X MK2 focusing quirk

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Re: Odd G1X MK2 focusing quirk

shg wrote:

Happened with me again in the covered patio in a sunny day. Focus refused to lock anywhere on the face.

Sending the camera back


I had a similar issue today occur several hours before sunset.  There was plenty of light, but it was a bit cloudy out.  The camera simply refused to lock focus.  I switched from A to P without the camera moving an inch and AF locked.  I then switched back to A - again without the camera moving an inch - and AF locked this time.  This seems to be an actual bug rather than a limitation of the camera considering that even with the camera on a tripod, I can repeat this behavior (where the AF fails to work, but then works after switching modes to another and back again).  I really don't want to send mine back as I'll be relegated back to the RX100 (I found fixing the color, even in RAW, to be literally impossible at times), but this AF issue is really getting me down.

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