XT1 - how to enable focus tracking?

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Re: XT1 - how to enable focus tracking?

Jasko014 wrote:

How do you set other AF parameters ? I am trying with Area and choosing one focus rectangle (1 of 9 middle ones). When I shoot with this rectangle covering the moving target I have a lot of keepers. But if I loose the target with the chosen rectangle and target is within the area of one of 8 middle sensors left, all the shots are unsharp. Predictive focus tracking in my Nikon D3 does follow the target within the group of sensors I choose (one of the possibilities).

And that's the point, the X-T1 doesn't do focus tracking, only predictive focus. So it won't automatically switch from one focus square to another in order to keep the same subject. Perhaps make sure that the focus square is as large as possible?

TBH, I don't use this feature much so I'm not sure that this will work, but perhaps you could also try multi mode rather than area mode for selecting the focus point, when in AF-C and CH.

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