Wide angle lens recommendation for Sony A7 for travel

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Re: Wide angle lens recommendation for Sony A7 for travel

SEL10-18 stabilized actually works really well from about 12m on up. It's a beautiful lens with the A7 (use it all the time).

Also the Voigt 15mm despite what you hear can get you great results if you don't mind the minimal post work to address the vignetting corners and color shift. Examples here http://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/3599714

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I'm getting good results too from the 10-18 on A7R. There are homemade profiles available here if you search and I'm not having to significantly crop from . 12-17. I also have the Konica - Minolta 17-35 and it is a nice lens with the LA-EA4. It's big at f/2.8 and has a lot unusual circular flare shooting into the sun. It's wide aperture provides some opportunities for creative shots Images from it are very good. I'm still getting used to these but have been shooting landscapes/nightscapes at f/8-f/16 on both with solid results. UWA shots do take some planning.

There is also the Minolta G 17-35 A- mount that commands a very high price on ebay. I also have the 28/2.8 Minolta that is under $100 and has beautiful color and contrast but must be stopped down for good corners. The 24mm primes are better from my research. DYXUM is where to go to find ratings and many reviews for these old AF lenses. You'll be surprised at the bargains and shocked at the coveted G level prime prices. I have had a lot of fun looking for good quality bargains. Rarely did I buy anything from ebay before getting the LA-EA4. The five used A- mount lenses I've purchased have been true to description. Three of them were from Hong Kong or Japan and they were in the best condition. It's a cottage industry buying and selling these lenses for some and reputation is important.

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