Why all the Df hate?

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Re: Why all the Df hate?

Bunza wrote:

Sure, no camera is everything to everyone and there is some criticism of every Nikon FX model, but ...

Is it my imagination or does the Df get more than its share of, well, not hate but negative comments compared to the rest of Nikon's FX line?

If so, why?

As a niche camera  sold at a premium price  Nikon did not pick one niche to focus on.

As an example- it was  promoted as vintage glass friendly but  no high eye viewfinder for vintage eyes, no split prism  focusing screen for  focusing manual focus lenses,  a grip  not particularly suited to adult hands  and no option for  an additional grip.

Compact  body with giant fast glass is as  stupid in a camera as huge torso and bird legs is in a man.

I see the  the other three FF Nikons (610, 800/e and 4s)  to fit the job descriptions  they were ostensibly designed for.  Being 35mm their goodness is lost on me as has been every 35mm camera for decades. No fault of Nikon.  If I was willing to settle for 2:3  several D800e bodies would  sit in the cabinets now.

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