Beginner's dilemma on expensive camera kit

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Beginner's dilemma on expensive camera kit

Dear readers,

I have been regularly visiting this forum in the recent days. But this is my first post as I am a sort of lost in dilemma. Experiences, questions and criticisms posted in this forum have been largely helpful for me to make some camera related decisions but has also equally confused me. Thanks to all the insightful discussions and topics.

I am new to photography. And I am ready to explore this newfound hobby of me. I have been shooting with a so-so point and shoot camera with lousy image quality. After 4 years of occasional taking pics on Program mode now I am thinking of upgrading to a real camera. I have a lot to learn even some basics of photography and editing.

After some internet 'research' I have narrowed my choices to APSC sensor size and down to Sony CSCs. They have my type of style, size and price and IQ seems to be just in the sweet spot. As a beginner I want to grow my skills and also compromise less with technical IQ. So Sony a6000 is a dream camera to me at this moment for price, size and IQ. It gives enough opportunity to learn, grow with manual controls and take clean pictures. (my current camera's 100 ISO is noisier and mushier than 12000 ISO in a6k). They say the camera with you is best camera but does not apply for me.

I like shooting lanscapes, everyday life events, portraits, travel photos as I love travelling, hiking, trekking and such opportunities come from my work as well. I am also interested in birds, closeup and macro shots but don't have any proper gear. I want to shoot more or less everything, explore and grow.

Therefore I would like to start with a general purpose zoom lens to attach to soon to be my a6000. And more specific primes and zoom lenses to be added in the near future (in a couple of years). I would like to add an ultra wide angle (12mm), a normal fov large aperture prime such as 35mm or 50mm and a tele zoom (55-210 or 70-200), a macro lens, depending upon what I like more with a system camera and what the budget permits. That would complete my kit and all my needs imagining from this point. And it already sounds a lot of gear and a lot of money. (wishlist: Zeiss 16-70f4, Samyang12mm f2, Sony 35mm 1.8 , Sony 55-210, Zeiss 50mm macro lens means around 3200 USD which is roughly 320000 for 5 lenses that I will probably ever need) Uff... Photography is an expensive hobby! I don't think I will ever shoot for money but for myself for fun and pleasure.

Living in a poor country with a less paying job, photography definitely is a costly proposition. I am 25 and soon turn 26 on this month and hold a miserably low paid job.

This is exactly where I have been thinking a lot. I have been saving some money for buying camera. As I said I would like to start with a general purpose medium zoom. So my first preference is Zeiss 16-70 for it's attractive focal length, no distortion, versatility, right size, nice color and contrast renderings, wide end for landscape photos, close for portraits and short tele. Good reviews from users. Everything as I wished for. Only thing not right about it is its price. (quite painful for me. A6k plus 16-70 is equal to 160000 in my local currency converted roughly from dollars. It's a huge money).but it's like a love at first sight with this combo. Unbearingly attractive. It's said lens is an investment and wise to invest in quality optics. But is it justifiable for someone who will shoot for myself, for hobby?

Another option is going with kit lens(16-50). Size is nice. Cheap and attractive price as it's roughly 80000 with camera body when converted and somewhat in my budget range. But based on what reviews say it's not so nice optically though some really praise this lens. I prefer manual zoom control. The opinion that says it's not a match to the sensor quality of Sony cameras somehow persuaded me not to buy this and go with Zeiss. Even if I go with this I would always think of 16-70 which would probably bring the best out of sensor and I like the features of that lens more. 18-55 could be another option but I like 24mm equivalent FOV more. I don't buy anything to sell it later so selling one later is not smart choice and here in my country these products are rare and thus has less market and harder to sell. So if I buy either of these lens combo in a few months time it would be through some sellers that provide international shipping which means more cost including additional custom tariffs. I don't know whether Sony will officially launch it here or not.

So dear readers please provide me your valuable opinions and ideas what would you do if you were in my shoes? Would it be a good idea to postpone the purchase and go with what I like most or go with compromise and keep on wishing for Zeiss? Or buy compromise 16-50 and use money on other lens that I mentioned? Is 16-70 price or any expensive kit justifiable for hobbyist? Your inputs would be of great help in making my decisions.

Sorry for a long post. Thank you for taking your time to read and reply.

Best regards,

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