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Re: A77ii; Well I'm disappointed

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Maybe there is an issue with language here. I am not knocking the camera and saying it is bad or poor or blah blah. What I am simply saying is that I expected Sony to follow with a generational offering like the A77 was to the A700, and the A700 before that to its predecessor. We waited a long time and fell victims to endless rumours about what it might be and in the end I have to say i was disappointed is all.

I am absolutely confident that the A77 ii will be a knockout, but it is not a motivator for me to move from the A77. When the A77 came out I felt compelled to upgrade. And that was a fine decision. For me the dollars were better and are spent on a new lens which has improved the performance and behavior of the A77 no end. Now I am set up for the next I hope, generational upgrade to full frame in the A99 '.

I guess that being an ex minolta guy and always having backed the last horse, from a sales point of view, but a camera that I always felt led the industry in tech, I am very parochial and want Sony to keep blasting at the opposition. I feel that with this camera, it is a gap filler and it has left me wondering where Sony are going with this. Is it the end of the line for A mount? I don't know, but it just doesn't feel right.

Several people have tried to analyse one against the other, but my feelings are more intuitive than based on metrics.

I hope that this better explains my thoughts (and suspicions).

Dan C

PS again a cultural thing, but you have missed my point on the "firmware upgrade", don't over analyse what I am trying to say, I hope that the above puts it in better context.

But what were you expecting? The A700 was 12MP, the A77 24MP. Would it have taken 48MP to make the A77 II "generational" in your eyes? The A700 shot at 5 FPS, the A77 up to 12 FPS. Were you expecting 20 FPS? And so on and so on...

APS-C hit the wall of diminishing returns a generation ago which, coincidentally, was the generation the A77 belongs to. Expecting anything more than incremental upgrades in this form factor from any maker going forward is wishful thinking.

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