Did I over cook the pic

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Re: Did I over cook the pic

PhotoShop, not in a million years! I use Corel. PhotoShop doesn't have the power where I need it most. The extraction was done in Vertus, took all of a minute. The other ospreys are just copies blurred more for a pseudo depth of field.

Chuck_FL wrote:

BTW, Mikes how did you easily replace the background? That's what I want to do also. You did a great job. So if you can do it easily what program. Let me guess - PS? boy, if so, guess I'll have to get into the cloud subscription thing.

Sorry for 2'nd response. Eyes tired. Should have been in my first. Me bad (as my kids would tell me... LOL...)

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Only when you can criticize yourself, should you criticize others. Mikes.

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