A77ii; Well I'm disappointed

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Re: A77ii; Well I'm disappointed

1DanC wrote:


Maybe there is an issue with language here. I am not knocking the camera and saying it is bad or poor or blah blah. What I am simply saying is that I expected Sony to follow with a generational offering like the A77 was to the A700, and the A700 before that to its predecessor. We waited a long time and fell victims to endless rumours about what it might be and in the end I have to say i was disappointed is all.

Waiting a long time?  A long time...Really...a long time?

What...may I ask, do you consider a long time between cameras?

If you want a long time, ask a D300s or EOS 7D owner.  That's a long time.

But for an A77, it hasn't only been on the market for 2.5 years and it is still a capable camera.  We waited 4 years for an A700 replacement, which got us the A77.  So, no,  I don't think we waited a long time.

People these days...something comes out new today and they expect its replacement to arrive tomorrow.  When it doesn't, they complain and complain how obsolete their current equipment is and how the companies are taking too long for a replacement.

This day and age has made many of us act like spoiled brats.  We take advantage of where technology has taken us with no gratitude, only expecting to be fed the next newest gizmo even sooner than the last greatest contraption.  The next thing you know, our expectations will be so high that they will have to invent time travel just to appease us on releasing the next big thing the day before its predecessor ever gets released.

I am absolutely confident that the A77 ii will be a knockout, but it is not a motivator for me to move from the A77. When the A77 came out I felt compelled to upgrade. And that was a fine decision. For me the dollars were better and are spent on a new lens which has improved the performance and behavior of the A77 no end. Now I am set up for the next I hope, generational upgrade to full frame in the A99 '.

I feel that today there are certain aspects of a cameras specs we once considered needed a mandatory overhaul in order to be deemed an upgrade.  Resolution was one of the key factors here that we used to look at.  Today, that is not the case.  I feel that we are coming close to reaching a plateau in certain areas of camera technology where the leaps and bounds we were seeing in the past won't be happening as quickly and will not until a new game changing piece of technology becomes available.  Just look at where CPUs stand and have been the past so many years.  But it isn't necessarily a bad thing, we just need to readjust our eyes to know what to look for in an upgrade.  It's a "tick tock" approach where generational gaps are created on the ticks and refinements and improvements are released on the tocks.

When looking at what is deemed an upgrade, you must now look deeper.  Upgrades are going to be presented more as tweaks and refinements, perfecting what we have already established, along with a sprinkling of new tech here and there.

I guess that being an ex minolta guy and always having backed the last horse, from a sales point of view, but a camera that I always felt led the industry in tech, I am very parochial and want Sony to keep blasting at the opposition. I feel that with this camera, it is a gap filler and it has left me wondering where Sony are going with this. Is it the end of the line for A mount? I don't know, but it just doesn't feel right.

Several people have tried to analyse one against the other, but my feelings are more intuitive than based on metrics.

Sony is still blasting at the competition, don't you see that in the A77II?  Look at the AF sensor, the buffer, its still on top frame rate in APS-C ILC cameras, and more.

As for a gap filler, I guess it depends on how you may see that.  Look at the competition, nothing really comes close to it when it comes to capability.  Canon and Nikon haven't even really tried the past couple of years either.  There are still things the A77 can do the competition hasn't even tried topping.  When it comes to tech all I really see that the competition has done is remove an AA filter and offer OSPDAF (which can only be used in MLU live view and still isn't as fast as the competition).  There is no growth in resolution, speed, or buffer.  What other improvements do we expect other than the obvious improved sensor sensitivity and dynamic range?

When the competition isn't really even competing, then it makes it kind of hard to view anything new that comes out as earth shattering.  When the A77 came out, it was the first 24MP APS-C sensor, was the first to hit 12fps, and introduced the OLED EVF.  I understand, it is hard to raise the stakes after such an intro.  Which is why you must look at the other capabilities the new camera is improving upon.

Having said that, the A77 is still a great camera.  I still enjoy using mine.  The upgrades in the A77II may not be what some are looking for to warrant an upgrade, maybe they want a more revolutionary camera instead of an evolutionary one.  That's fine.  For me, the new improvements that the A77II is offering warrant an upgrade for me since I can see how they will benefit me in the field.  I am also banking on that they fixed some of the bugs and design flaws that are still visible in the A77 that cause me to stumble from time to time.

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