Did I over cook the pic

Started May 5, 2014 | Questions thread
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Re: Did I over cook the pic

Thank you all for your replies and suggestions, etc.. Just getting into PSP.

I really need to play with PSP more, I admit. But to little time per se. Good excuse... Wrong.. But these things do take time. Even though I do software for a living, but coding...

Tried to do a mask last week on a Osprey did not work out good. To change background. Was close but would have spent days I thing to fine tune around spread wings. Gave up on that test, least for now.

Don't want to pay for The "big boy" PS because I do not like the limited Cloud concept. Kind of feels they have you by the BA$$'s.

Just trying to figure out best workflow. Many say do a lot in LR and pass it on. Yes, I did not pass TIFF to it, could have. I did with Osprey background task.

But again, lots to learn...

Thanks again to all, appreciate reply's and comments. Off to bed... Need to get younger to stay up later... LOL. Boy the good old days.

DPer's are real great people. Cheers from Sunny FL.


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