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Mr. Brev00... this thread motivated me to go out and take a shot. Which is good. The only problem is (was)... a goofy landscape shooter like me does not fully appreciate what it takes to capture close-in colors and how easy it is to blow-out the details. So... I resorted to some weenie-punk PP in an effort to try and salvage some sort of end result. I like this thread and it is a motivator and inspirator (is that a word?). I will try again.

Nice!  That is a favorite trick of mine as well:  take a somewhat disappointing shot and work it with some artistic adjustments.  My trick with reds involves multiple steps but here are a few of the most important ones:

Use your rgb histogram during the shoot.  Shooting raw, the reds can cross the right axis but only just.  This will underexpose the entire pic requiring later adjustments.  Using neg ev between -.7 and -1 seems to work.

A little cloud cover never hurts.

In your raw conversion, recover any blown reds that remain and lift shadows as needed to start to compensate for the underexposure.

Once moved to your regular editing platform, you are almost home free.  I correct the brightness and saturation with color channel work.  Elements does not have that so I use my plug-ins.  Nik's Film Efex:  Modern, Topaz Clarity, and Perfect Effects 8's color enhancer all are very good at precisely readjusting the pic.  I don't have Photoshop but these plug-ins are really excellent for this sort of color work--imo.

A while ago, my only trick was underexposing the pic.  That saved the reds but left a dark, dull image.

Good luck and keep posting!

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