OK, this is a camera tec forum!

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Re: OK, this is a camera tec forum! But is it?

Actually, it's not a tech forum. It's a discussion forum for the Sony A-mount system, meaning that technical subjects can be discussed here, but so can many other subjects. These might include questions and comments (either positive or negative) about:

Sony's product and feature offerings.
Sony's product pricing.
Sony's marketing and advertising.
Sony's business model.
Sony's customer support.

A-mount-related products to acquire, and reasons to acquire them.
A-mount-related products to avoid, and reasons to avoid them.
Non-specific photography-related products to acquire, and why.
Non-specific photography-related products to avoid, and why.
Where to buy such things, and how much to pay.
Selling such things, and how much to ask.

How to use Sony products, particularly A-mount products.
How to use non-specific photography-related products.
How to overcome limitations of products to accomplish goals.

In addition, discussions can include:

Sharing photos that the poster is pleased with, hoping for community approval.
Sharing photos that the poster is not pleased with, hoping for community assistance to improve them.
Sharing links to other photos that are not those of the poster at all, for any number of reasons.

I know I could come up with more, but the point is that the discussions here can cover a wide range of interests and topics, some of which are unavoidably going to rub a certain percentage of forum users the wrong way or be of no interest to them whatsoever... and there's nothing to be done about that.

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