Going to the toilets... what lens should I take ?

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Re: @MattiD80

I think you totally missed the OP's point.

He was talking about endless threads about "what's the best lens to take to Spain, or France, or wherever". To which there is no correct answer apart from whatever you require for your type of shooting which shouldn't really be any different that what you normally use to shoot wherever you are.

Maybe if you are headed off to do some specialized shooting like safari or surfing etc that you might need some specialized advice on, the question is valid but why would any country require different lenses than any other?

Why is it we never see threads from people in europe or elsewhere asking "what kind of lens do I need to shoot in Ohio?" or "What kind of lens do I need to shoot in Nebraska?" Kind of sounds goofy doesn't it?

That was his point, and a most worthy one, I thought, even if made tongue in cheek.

Plus, it just happened to produce one of the more amusing threads here in some time.

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