Odd G1X MK2 focusing quirk

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Scott Skinner
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focus on narrow items

Today I was messing around with the G1X mk2 trying to figure out why I could not focus on a seedling yesterday. I tried everything, but the camera just kept focusing on the background and not the subject.

After playing around some tonight, I've found that narrow subjects do not seem to be caught by the camera. In the picture below, the 2 narrow pens could not be focused on. The wider red marker and flashlights were focused on every time. The conditions and relative position of the paintings in the background were the same for each of many attempts. The focus box was on the pens and centered (height-wise) on the paintings in the background. I was using the smaller focus box. The wider flashlights did fill up the the whole box (marker 99% of it). Moving the box away from the background paintings, but keeping it on the pen, did result in focusing success.

The AF/MF mode does work, but I hope thats not the only option.

Or maybe this is normal for a bigger sensor? I am coming from the G6 and I could make it focus on any vertical line.

EDIT:  I should clarify that that I focused using the Red Expo marker for this shot.

PS - don't look at the bottom corners of this picture :eek:

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