Wide angle lens recommendation for Sony A7 for travel

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Re: Wide angle lens recommendation for Sony A7 for travel

kazkioken wrote:

SEL10-18 stabilized actually works really well from about 12m on up. It's a beautiful lens with the A7 (use it all the time).

For any serious landscape photography I would not recommend the 10-18, at least not on the A7r (which should give similar results to the A7). I tested it extensively against the Samyang 14mm, and although the corners on the Samyang are not perfect, they are much better than the 10-18 (at 14mm). To get acceptable corner sharpness on the 10-18, I had to crop about 1/5 off the sides. Maybe there is a difference between the A7 and A7r. A word of caution on the Samyang 14mm is there is some IQ issues with sample variation out there (search this forum).

As mentioned above, the Minolta 20mm, which is the same as the Sony Alpha SAL20F28 with LA-EA4 is a nice option, which unlike the Samyang, takes threaded filters. I find it relatively light although not small (not large either). However, that is less wide than your 18mm request.

The ultimate < 18mm landscape lens for the A7/r? Hands-down, it's the Canon TS-E 17mm with Metabones III. If you can afford it! 

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