Going to the toilets... what lens should I take ?

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Re: Well, I guess that if I were...

@ OP. Many topics (even if searched on old ones), have no conclusive info, mostly very biased opinions. One thread is better then the other ofc. Like recent Sigma 35mm, Nikon 35mm comparisons are top notch to read. However 24-70 F2.8 vs 24-120mm F4 vr, comparisons (imo) are moot. None of them give examples. None of them have opinions other then 'I love my X, i don't have the other'. Noone of them have deep practical/scientifical comparisons like the 35mm comparisons.

If a rebate came again today, one bigger then ever, on the 24-70mm, i would feel myself forced to ask this question again. You never know who will answer and it might be hopefully enough to make your decision. Secondly the rebates in Belgium are very random and slow. It's been over a year without a rebate (and the year it had rebate it was twice in 5 months). If it comes again now, i probably ask some questions, it's a lot of money after all.

For instance i know i want a longer focal length then 85mm F1.8 that i have now. So i want a 70-200mm (either version) or 80-400mm. But since i don't have these lenses yet i can't decide wich one would be my favorite although from reading a crapload i have a pretty good idea (atm, it's from most preferred to least: 1) 70-200mm F4, 2) 80-400mm VR, 3) 70-200mm F2.8 Vr. Yet the last one is still tempting for obvious (one stop advantage) reasons. I only have money for one. And renting one is very expensive here (totally not worth it). It also seems selling lenses means at least 100-300 euro loss, so just doing that to try them out isn't an option. What's left is research. I probably read over 300 hours, just for lens comparisons in my free time, and i still don't have the perfect answers. (they don't exist I know). But any (valuable, sincere) advice is any day welcome, and asking again is always good imo (because the longer you have lenses the better you can evaluate them). Like the tamron 150-600mm exists, but to have a very good impressino of it, we need at least 1-2 more years (for nikon mount to release, and to have all bird seasons tested several times, to leave any doubt out for it's performance.)

So stop stressing it mate. For some of us research is important, and trying to gather more by starting a topic, is not bad at all. I most of time use old topics and 'refresh' (necro them for those who know this term) with the question to see if ppl changed their mind or learned new stuff.

If i would count the amount of money i spared by proper research, i probably won the lotery. So while i get the spamming same question is anoying (especially if a week old topic or so exists), when there's a big lack of deep going topics about something, people have the right to ask the question again. There is still no (remotely close to) satisfying 24-70mm F2.8 vs 24-120mm comparison out there. And i don't mean charts. I mean if one could only choose one (pro's always have both for some reason, the reviewing ones that is) have the means to buy both. So only one chance to get it right.

It's why i love the Sigma 35mm Art tbh While it may not be the best lens ever, it's so good, that it stirred up more forum posts, then almost any other lens, and with that much topics/reviews/tests to read about, it's much easier to justify if it's the lens for you or not.

So far haven't been dissapointed with my lenses, but i haven't broken the 1000 euro barrier either, and that is to come soon with telelenses, so I rather know now, what to buy.

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