Sold my V3 (but there's more to it)

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Kevin Omura
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Re: Sold my V3 (but there's more to it)

Raist3d wrote:

Thanks Kevin for the thoughts but I going to have to politely disagree a bit on the confusion - a couple of the "problem posters" clearly had ample context from my ongoing posts on the nikon v3 and its rather easy to see some attitudes that go well beyond a simple misunderstanding.

The good news is that like usual, when you ask for photos and portfolios all of a sudden not much shows up which makes it easy to not put too much weight if any on some commentary. A lot of barking by people acting too defensively who have trouble understanding different requirements and reading and not much to show for it.

Fortunately there's also good people who decided to take what was written for what it is and not a personal affront, and use the information as impressions someone had from a very different perspective- a potential new Nikon 1 owner

As as for the v2 that sure looks like a good value if you like the body. I prefer more compact and better built buttons in the back- but looks like Canada has a great V2 deal.

ok thanks for clearing that up, yes unfortunately that tends to happen online doesn't. People say and do things that they would never think of doing in person because they can hide behind their keyboards.

Yes for a change and I do not know why, we really got lucky up here. First with the firesales on the V1 and then Target blowing out S1s and lenses dirt cheap. Now the V2 and Henrys blowing out the 10-100 zooms. That zoom btw even at the drastically reduced price is sitting on the shelves from what I can see. It is huge compared to the 30-110 but nice for video.

The V2 buttons don't really bother me too much but the on/off switch under the shutter button drives me crazy because we have a number of point and shoots that have the zoom control there and for some reason once I got that 10-100 without the manual zoom controls I keep turning the darn camera off  when trying to zoom.

I still have not held a V3 so am sitting on my hands on that one.

and btw thanks for taking the time to explain this, really appreciate it.

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