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Re: Missed Opportunities

ryan2007 wrote:

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ryan2007 wrote:

fratiodan wrote:

I would have to agree. I see no point in an nd filter for these shots. Maybe if they were overexposed, then sure. But...they aren't...

So are they shooting auto exposure? Do they choose aperture or shutter priority. If you chose to shoot 1/4000 sec of a stationary subject this must be your/their first camera.

The exposure does not make any sense and yes, you need a ND filter to help and yes the exposure is overexposed.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with shooting stationary objects at 1/4000 if you have proper exposure. It doesn't change the look of the image at all for stationary objects so there's no disadvantage if you need less light so you can have more aperture options.

There's absolutely nothing wrong shooting wide open aperture if you want the subject to stand out from the background, particularly with the busy backgrounds here.

Great, but at least have the subject sharp and in focus if you are going to defend this position.

The Dynamic Range function usually indicates in EXIF a higher ISO than 200, so I don't believe it was used.

Wrong, EXIF does not tell DR setting and ISO can be in Auto or actually set. I am not aware ISO in EXIF to actually say AUTO.

He is right. Even if the DR was set to a setting different than DR100, it was not used anyway. There was no DR expansion because the ISO of the shots are 200. ISO must be at least 400. Your advice was to set DR100 but it would not have changed anything.

Why do you suggest DR100% ??  DR is used to avoid clipping highlights, I would suggest to use this mode (auto, 200 or 400)

Even if it was, it would be appropriate if he were taking JPGs, since it basically underexposes the shot and adjusts the curves to bring it back up to help preserve highlights...more of a DR shift than an increase.

I do agree that some of these are indeed overexposed (or post processed as high key...they look processed) and that an ND filter would have assisted if he wanted to keep shooting wide open since her was at bottom ISO and top shutter. If I didn't have one, I would have stopped down a little to prevent overexposure.

Definitely would have shot raw (OP didn't specify) since there was some extremes of brightness values in the bright sun.

That would be a solution, just depends how important the even is and how much time you want to spend editing images. I pretty much never need to shoot RAW with Fuji that is how good the JPEG's are if you know what your doing.

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