Weird, I don't miss my E-30 . . .

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Well, I promised myself I'd stay out of this side argument . . .

Ontario Gone wrote:

dpalugyay wrote:

It's why I quit going there. Too many uppity ups looking down on m43. Amalric is not making up or imagining things.

Perhaps this is what annoys me about some users (and in other forums as well). When a person has a long standing history with a particular brand, they get too emotional. This is the cause of so many ridiculous arguments. I haven't been in MFT for but 2 or 3 months now, im not even a long time photographer from the film era. It seems when somebody like me freely throws around ideas or opinions, some people with love affairs get bent out of shape.

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"Run to the light, Carol Anne. Run as fast as you can!"

But this won't be the first time I broke THAT vow!

To be fair, I think many people (too many people?) see the DPR Camera forums more as advocacy forums rather than as issue and problem resolution forums. They see these forums more as a way to have input to help steer the overall development of their favorite camera line rather than a way of getting help on how to live with the camera they already purchased.

For them, I suspect the stakes are a bit higher, emotionally. I know we have all (or, at least, many of us) made what we think of as mild and harmless, critiques and questions of and about Camera "X" and have found ourselves besieged on all sides. I know I have.

For me, I have learned that DPR is a place to find out WHY I should buy a camera, and to find out what the general consensus is regarding the future of my cameras of choice. But I go elsewhere for after purchase help on how to make the things work! And sometimes, it's the same people responding, but the attitudes displayed and depth of the responses are better.

It's crazy, but you can't discount the "consensus personality" of the website itself.

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