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Re: OK, this is a camera tec forum!

Well said. Basically camera tech has reached a certain tipping point that leads to this hand-holding do-everything-for-me mentality. When cameras were all manual, technology came along and everyone recognised its limitations but also saw the potential for it to assist in solving common problems for photographers. So most photographers had a 'can-do' attitude and technology was accepted where it could help out but wasn't expected to be a panacea.

At a certain point in time, however, technology became so good it could actually replace some essential skills of photographers. From days when you had to be the judge of exposure and everyone was a M shooter by default, metering tech meant it could make a judgement for you and got good enough till professional photographers didn't all have to be M shooters. This lowered the barriers of entry, which is a good thing, but that also brought in those who could not have shot without some necessary crutches. And so this population of photographers grew in size till they became the majority, and for them technology that couldn't their solve problems was inadequate and so manufacturers had to get even better at it, essentially for competitive reasons.

The third stage is when technology could replace literally every step of the process, not just a few specific crutches. This is when the barriers to entry really fell and all and sundry could now claim to a photographer. And this crowd included the fanboys and the forum warriors who did not know the first thing about photography from the cameras they were shooting with, but sure as heck could read a spec sheet and compare that to someone else's.

Thus, DPR today.

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