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Re: Missed Opportunities

Flyinmotion wrote:

I think you missed some opportunities based on your decisions.

Shutter speed for stationery subjects does not need to be 1/4000

F stop should be stopped down

Dynamic Range looks like it is set to Auto when it should be set to 100% in this situation.

I would have bracketed exposure or at minimum +1

Use a ND filter, at least 2 stops if the Sun is that bright.

Pretty much everything here I would have done different, but hey, if you like the shots that is all that matters. This series IMO had a lot more potential.

Thank you for all the comments. I was busy shooting lately. Yes, my setting was in "Auto" mode and I'm going to receive the Hoya Pro 4 ND today.

The auto mode selects f1.4 ?? This is surprising, usually auto selects an aperture with deep dof.

I always select manually the aperture, so I can not really tell. But I wouldn't expect such an aperture.

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