Previous owner's Wi-Fi settings on refurbished 6D

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Previous owner's Wi-Fi settings on refurbished 6D

I just went to try out the Wi-Fi features on a refurbished 6D that was purchased direct from Canon (Newport News, VA) about two months ago. I noticed that there was already a nickname, SSID, and security key stored on the camera for Infrastructure mode (i.e. for connecting to a home Wi-Fi network). I'm assuming this info belonged to the original owner of this camera and was accidentally not reset during refurbishment.

The SSID was a common first name, nothing particularly identifiable. However, browsing through the Wi-Fi settings, I noticed that it saves the name of the PC/Mac last used for remote control, which happened to contain the presumed previous owner's first and last name. A quick Google search of this gentleman's name plus "Canon" pulled up some camera accessory reviews on Amazon, and the reviewer's profile lists his city and state (quite likely the same person, given the fairly distinctive last name).

The 6D hides the stored Wi-Fi security key with asterisks when you go to view/change it, but it wouldn't surprise me if it were recoverable using custom software along the lines of Magic Lantern or the various shutter count readers.

I know it's a little far-fetched to imagine someone going through these lengths to break into a stranger's home network, and I personally have no reason or interest in doing so, but I suppose in this day and age you might consider this a minor security breach.

I went to clear the Wi-Fi settings, and I initially thought that the "Clear all camera settings" option in the main menu would do the trick, but it did not. You have to go to the "Wi-Fi function" menu, press Info for general settings, then select "Clear Wi-Fi settings" (I assume this is explained in the manual, which I did not check).

I hope the Canon techs doing the refurbs have been properly trained to clear these settings on Wi-Fi enabled models, and that this was an isolated oversight. I'd be curious to know if any other refurbished 6D (or 70D) owners have had Wi-Fi settings left on their cameras.

So just a heads-up, if you return a camera to a store, or send it in to Canon for repair (or any other channel through which it could end up in the refurbished market, and obviously any second-hand sales), you may want to be sure to clear your saved Wi-Fi settings. And remember to do so through the Wi-Fi menu, not the standard "Clear all camera settings" option.

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