UWA for Sony A77mII

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Re: UWA for Sony A77mII

I spent many hours agonizing over this same decision and ended up going with the Sigma 8-16.  I have ABSOLUTELY NO REGRETS!  The 8-16 is my favorite lens!  (My 16-50 is my most used lens and my second favorite lens.)

I am sure you are aware of the weaknesses in the 8-16:

1) Can't use a filter!  Everything I read said that using a filter on any ultrawide will result in severe vignetting.  I have yet to find a situation where I have regretted not being able to use a filter on my 8-16.

2) Not fast like the Tamron 11-16 2.8.  I don't need a fast ultrawide.  In my opinion ultrawides are best used stopped down so you get a depth of field as deep as the angle of view is wide.  Fast ultrawides don't make sense to me and my style of shooting.  Short dof's are for normal to telephoto lenses.

So what do you get for the trade offs?  A good bit better angle of view than a 10mm or 11mm lens should you want it!  Most of my shots with the 8-16 are in the 10mm - 12mm range but I have a few excellent shots in the 8mm-9mm range.  I really appreciate having the ability should I want to use it!

I am not a pixel peeper but do enjoy being able to print 16x24 prints.  At this size the sharpness of the 8-16 is excellent!

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