Dissapointing Sony A77 II High ISO performance

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Re: The Third Stop Circus

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

I wonder what score the A77m2 wil have, but from this comparison any one can see it, ore they are blind, even more, the real picture's show even more credibility for the A6000, I would like to have a A77m2 with the high ISO performance of the A6000, but that's not going to hapen with this camera. even the A58 have better high ISO Jpeg's than the old A77 and now the A77m2 ........ !!!!

tbcass wrote:

phototherapy wrote:

the A6000 ISO6400 looks like the A77m2 ISO1600, this is terribly wrong, what the fu.... is Sony doing with the A-mount camera's ?

That is totally wrong. To my eyes the A6000 iso6400 shots don't look much if any better than those from my A77.

And naysayers of "improvements" in a6000 are claiming they can't see the gains in a6000 compared to NEX-7.

That really puts a perspective on these pixel peepers who are frustrated at not being able to see what a third stop loses or gains.

Wow, well those are not imaginairy results / numbers !!!

But those aren't a77II numbers if we must talk numbers. The question is, if a77II improves upon those numbers by a third stop for low light performance, would you notice? Because, many in E-mount forum are claiming to not see the third stop improvement in a6000 compared to NEX-7. Have you seen those claims?

What I can see now at Imaging Resources is the big difference between the old A77 and new A6000, that ISO 6400 A6000 = A77 ISO 1600 !!!! IF the A77m2 has not improved over the old A77, then there will be many many questions, and so far it seem that way, but let's hope there is also improvement on the high ISO performance.

Don't expect big gains. Expect reasonable gains. I expect about a third stop improvement on paper (as in DXO measurements) which many will claim to be insufficient or unnoticeable as is the case with a6000 vs NEX-7. And that really would be more representative of how ridiculous the argument on a third stop here or there is... it really depends on the photograper understanding exposure more than the camera itself.

And in threads like these, even worse. There is no comparison, no baseline yet some people can magically talk difference or lack of, without having a clue about exposure itself.

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